Prioritizing Sunday morning

It is a warm Sunday morning here in Milwaukee. The air is fresh and the birds are singing.
that’s not how the morning started. I was awoken this morning by the sounds of an approaching thunder storm and the recognition I would need to get up and make sure the windows were closed against the impending sheets of rain. This has become a regular routine lately and it is not always a pleasant way to start the day.
I took Zoe for our usual Sunday morning walk. Everything was still wet despite the fact the rain had stopped an hour ago. As we walked the swaying trees drop the rain water clinging to their leaves. At times I was not sure if I was being showered with fresh or leftover rain drops. I was  surprised to find small branches and twigs freshly fallen from the trees. With all of the storms we’ve had recently I thought the trees would have shed all of their dead branches by now. 
As we walk I realize the recent weather pattern will bring a level of frustration to those who tend yards and gardens. I know my wife has been wanting to get some seeds planted but has not been able to plant them between the frequent showers. I expect more than one person will have grown weary of gathering the fallen branches which have littered their lawns so many mornings in recent days.
Upon further reflection my mind wonders back to a time when these city blocks were forests of rolling hills. The weather pattern we have been experiencing would allow some seeds to flourish and others to rot in the ground. The branches freed from the trees by the wind would have simply composted back into the ground to nourish the forest.
 That is all the time I have for reflection this morning. It is Sunday after all. I have Bible readings to review and I need to wake my wife in time for us to get in the car so we can go to gather to celebrate God’s creation.
I have to prioritize.