A pretty little girl with Downs Syndrome

I just spent the evening with friends of ours who we have known through good times and bad. A major attraction of the evening for me was the opportunity to play with Rowena, their soon to be 1 year old grand daughter. I love kids and Rowenna is no exception.

I wasn’t sure how my first ever meeting with Rowenna would be since she is a little girl who has Downs Syndrome. My fears soon disappeared as we just had fun doing things middle aged guys to with 1 year old babies: just play and have fun.

But what about her future development? What about Rowenna’s life in the future? Will she ever be like other kids? Won’t she be a burden on society?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. As I reflected on my time with Rowenna I realized Rowenna might not contribute as much as some but she will definitely not be as big a burden as the people Fortune Magazine once honored and were referred to as “The smartest guys in the room”.

Proposed caps on long term care are irresponsible

Dear elected representatives,

Please eliminate Gov. Walker’s proposed 2011-13 state budget caps on new enrollments for all of Wisconsin’s major long term care programs for children and adults with disabilities and older adults.

There are two reasons I make this request:

1. The need for these programs does not diminish simply because a cap has been placed on programs.

2. Capping these programs creates an incentive for placing persons in nursing home care at a much higher cost to the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

While the governor’s budget proposal would suggest that simply capping access to these programs will make the need disappear and save taxpayer dollars, it is far more likely the governor’s budget proposal will lead to higher costs and a greater burden on taxpayers.

Thank you for taking on the responsibility of representing all of Wisconsin’s citizens.

Dan Lococo