I stay connected with people through this web page as well as through a number of newsletters.  Connect with me through LinkedIn or  you can follow me on Twitter.  Contact me directly:

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The newsletters I publish include:

  • Affinity News:  A monthly newsletter focusing on the intersection of everyday life and principles of leadership, learning, or service work.
  • Mainstreaming on Main Street® (MoMS):  Exploring the intersection of organizational development and persons with disabilities (PWD)
  • S-L MKE:  Conversations at the intersection of Servant-Leadership and systemic disenfranchisement 


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  • My newsletter signup forms ask for your zip code.  I use this for event planning.  Whenever possible I try to schedule gatherings in a way that minimizes travel/fuel consumption.
  • I don’t sell my mailing lists to anyone
  • You can always change your subscription preferences or unsubscribe from any mailing list at any time.

I engage groups and individuals to recognize and leverage their untapped potential

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