Being simple

Helen and I had a good walk last night.  While we walked we talked about where our life is and where we are going.  Helen asked how I was doing.  I gave her an assessment of my business and where I was with the plans I have made for myself.  We also talked about Helen’s aspirations and how our lives might change as Jessica and Rachel grow and move out of the house.

I have to say things are going pretty well for me.  My business is on track and I am happy with the opportunities I have in my life.  I am blessed with a supportive wife and family.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue the things I find important in life.  The fact I’m getting paid to do some of these things is a gift.


As we walked we also reflected on the time we had spent, earlier in the week, participating in a Native American Sweat Lodge.  The gentleman who helped us through the experience was as wise as he is generous.  David lives in a simple house in a semi-rural area.  While the house is not elegantly adorned, it is rich in the treasures of his life.  The experience helped us recognize the need to focus on what we find important in our lives.  While the question "What is important?" is often a challenge to articulate, we know the answer is not "More stuff.".

When I awoke this morning I listened to the Reverend Daniel Meyer talking about simplifying our lives.  Rev. Meyer is doing a series called "Living Insanity" this summer.  Today’s topic talked about "more" and "better".  The sermon was a great way to reinforce the talk we had the night before.


Zoe and I took our customary walk through the neighborhood this morning.  We listened to birds, smelled the flowers and enjoyed the solitude.  Ironically, the biggest distraction was making sure I remembered where the sidewalks are obstructed.  A number of people in the neighborhood park their vehicles across the sidewalk.  They have  so much stuff they can’t use their garages as a parking area.  Apparently the stuff in the garage is so sacred to them they are oblivious to the fact their vehicles don’t fit on the short space between the garage and the sidewalk.

I am grateful we have a simple life and a roomy garage.

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