19th Anniversary

Today was our 19th Wedding anniversary.  It was different from the wedding day in many ways and much the same in others.

Instead of being totally focused on the wedding ceremony we spent our day doing the things middle-aged people do.  Helen went to work.  I had some meetings and errands to run.  Instead of a big party we went to a presentation at Schwartz bookstore.  I made us a couple of sub sandwiches and we ate them at a picnic table in Lake Park.

The mechanics of the day were different but the important things remain the same.  Helen is still the love of my life.  The best part of any day is still the time we spend in each others arms.  Part of the reason for this is we start every day just like we started our marriage:

I Dan Take you Helen to be my wife
And in doing so, commit my life to you.

Encompassing all good times and bad, all joys and sorrows, all of the experiences of life.

A commitment made in love, kept in faith, lived in hope, and eternally made new.

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