Today’s reading – John 8:1-11

The bible reading today was the Gospel of John chapter 8 verses 1 through 11.  It’s the story of the Pharisees bringing a woman who had been accused of committing adultery to Jesus.  I find the passage very interesting because of its simplicity and complexity.
The accepted take-away from the reading is:  let he who is without sin cast the first stone.  A great message but it doesn’t do the reading justice if that is all that is seen in it.  If we took the accepted message     literally we’d never have a firm stance on anything.  The inference to not get too self-righteous is clear and worth taking to heart.  But what was Jesus writing on the ground?  The reading provides no answer.  A blog entry?  Probably not. 
My wife has studied the Bible and often gives me the contextual background of Bible passages.  Sometimes she is very helpful.  Sometimes I just like to sit with the reading and be satisfied with the ambiguity of the message.

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