She kissed a girl

One of the nice things about Facebook is the opportunity to keep up to date with the people I’ve gotten to know over the years but don’t have frequent contact with. Jean is one of those people. We served on a Board together for a number of years. Our paths cross occasionally but infrequently. I enjoy reading her FB updates and I send her a copy of the newsletter I write.
The other day Jean posted a link to a disturbing story about the Atlanta police harassing a group of bar patrons for no other reason than they happened to be gay. I’m happy Jean posted the link because we all need to be vigilant when it comes to civil/human rights abuses.
Jean has posted a number of links related to issues facing gay people. Some have been serious, some funny and some I’ve ignored. Out of curiosity I took a look at Jean’s profile. Jean is in a relationship and she’s gay. The world is now different and I’m not sure how to deal with this new information.
acknowledge or ignore: that is the question. To acknowledge Jean ‘s sexuality is filled with all sorts of presumptuous pitfalls. I don’t want to seem  like I’m showing some sort of approval: indicating approval for someone’s sexuality is kind of like indicating approval of someone’s racial background: “Hey I just realized you’re Asian and I want you to know I’m OK with that”. Showing some sort of solidarity seems like a noble thing to do but I can’t imagine being part of one of the very few groups who are openly (and legally) discriminated against so that would be a hollow gesture. Pointing out the dangers of living together out of wedlock might be useful if it weren’t for the institutionalized discrimination thing.
I guess I’m stuck. I’ll shoot Jean a copy of this blog post and hope she continues to share tidbits from her life in whatever ways our paths cross.

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