Synchronicity, dualism, and blind employment

I had the interesting opportunity to be reminded this past weekend of how synchronous the events of our lives are and how short a jump it is from the realm of Spiritual reflection to the shop floor.


On Friday morning I had the opportunity to meet with Jim Kerlin at Wiscraft, Inc. and learn about the work they are doing. Wiscraft provides manufacturing, assembly and call center services with a mission to create opportunities for blind people to be gainfully employed. The company has developed their work processes to make them accessible to persons who are blind or visually impaired. What struck me is how creative the organization is in ensuring they can meet both their mission and the bottom line. I’m sure many organizations could benefit from the creative energies Wiscraft employs in the design of their business processes.


On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of attending a gathering at the St. Francis Institute to discuss and reflect on how dualistic thinking is a barrier to the realization of our Spiritual fulfillment. The session was centered on Fr. Richard Rohr’s book “The Naked Now.” Rohr asserts that many of our challenges in life stem from the habit of dividing things into good and bad, us and them, right and wrong.


As I reflected I found myself realizing that part of the reason the creative powers of the people at Wiscraft go unrealized is the dualistic notion of disabled and non-disabled. At one level this is a question of perception, at another level it is a question of best practices in business. My experiences at Wiscraft, Inc. and at the St. Francis Institute both tell me it is the synthesis of these two perspectives that will lead to the highest return on investment.


The St. Francis Center can be found at:


Wiscraft, Inc. can be found at:

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