Accountability is good

This morning my wife asked me about my progress on the research I am doing for my Doctoral dissertation. I need to complete some significant work by the end of the month and Helen knows I struggle with writing papers from research summaries. I found her questioning annoying and need to make sure I understand these feelings.


As I was responding to her I had two thoughts: 1) I don’t think Helen has the right to be questioning me, 2) on the other hand, even though Helen is not an exemplar of motivation I am the one who needs to get the work done to accomplish the goal I have set for myself. If Helen can help me by holding me accountable to my goals I should embrace the opportunity rather than push away the support. That would be a great habit to break.


I realize I could get very depressed if I look back at all of the times people have offered their support an help (including holding me accountable to my own goals) and I have not taken them up on their offer.

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