A Time to Regroup

I just completed two weeks of what I had set aside as vacation time for myself.  It wasn’t actually vacation but it was a good opportunity to regroup and see how I spend my time when I’m doing the things I really want to do.

I hadn’t planned the time in advance, that seemed like it would be counter productive but I did make a list of the things I find bubbling up to the top of my consciousness on a regular basis.  I used these as a guide for the past two weeks.  The result?  I found I did far mor productive, “I really want this complete and off my list.” things than I had expected.  This is not to say I didn’t spend time on my hammock but I applied the same criteria to down time as I did to productive time:  if I was motivated to focus my attention on an activity, I did, if not, not.

The final result of this time to regroup is I probably got done as much in the past two weeks as I do in any given two week period.  The difference is I found I was more relaxed, more focused, more aware of my own feelings, and happier than in the average two week period.

The challenge will be to understand how to carry this experience forward into the next 50 weeks.

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