Pushing and letting go

Yesterday I got fed up with the slow pace of change in trying to receive the same access to public spaces that others freely enjoy.  I put my foot down and let the organization’s managing director know my patience had run out.  I outlined the problem, my legal rights, and my plans to enlist the help of third party agencies in ensuring the organization came into compliance with the laws that guaranteed my rights.  Within a few hours action had been taken and it seems the problem is well on its way to resolution.

This morning I meditated, as I do each morning.  My meditation was restless as I sat on my cushion.  After the chimes signaled the end of my meditation session I just sat for a while.  I decided to practice sitting in a full Lotus position just to see how well my joints would accept the position while I meditate.  I took a few minutes of mindful breathing to see how it would feel.  In the absence of chimes to measure the time of my meditation I just sat with my breath and no other distractions.

Sometime it is the pushing and sometimes its the letting go that gets me where I want to be.

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