A simple meal and a wonderful evening

Mary Jo invited us over last night with the expectation we could sit out and enjoy their new patio furniture.  It turned out the weather was a bit too cool to comfortably sit out but the evening turned out to be a great time.

When Mary Jo invited us Helen asked if we could bring anything.  Mary Jo declined the offer and we just showed up (a bit late).  Dinner consisted of brats, sauerkraut, and a fruit salad.  Mary Jo apologized for not having a dessert with the explanation she was busy all day cleaning the garage and just didn’t find the time.

After supper we gathered in the living room and visited.  Joel showed up on his unicycle and Mary Jo’s husband, Tom, joined us.  The conversations went on until after 10:00 PM and covered a range of topics from sports to music to politics to civil rights.  It was good conversation with good people.

Reflecting on the evening reminded me of the importance of gathering and the lack of importance of presentation.  We had a simple, casual, meal followed by a fine evening of conversation.  It helped me to realize how simple it is to bring friends together for the sake of being together.  I recognize that Helen and I could be much more welcoming in sharing our home if we would just drop the assumption that sharing a meal and an evening of conversation is a complicated thing.  It’s not, it’s just a very good way to connect with others.   

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