Is a blind man naked?

It is early and I am awake.  My wife lies sleeping next to me.  Upon completing my meditation I am ready to enjoy the quiet solitude that comes with being the only person awake in a quiet house.

As the furnace starts and the heat rises from the vent I know it is my time to act.  I gather my clothes from the cabinet as quietly as I can to avoid waking Helen.  I close the door behind me and carry the clothes into my living room.  I set the pile of clothes on the couch while feeling the heat blow on my naked form from behind me.

As I reach for my clothes I realize I am standing naked in front of my living room window.  While it is still dark, an early riser could be walking past my house and see a naked man dressing in his living room.  Since I do not see, I do not concern myself with the idea that someone looking in my window at 5:30 in the morning might see a man getting dressed in his living room. 

Is a blind man in a dark room naked?  Or only if someone is looking in the window?  Is a person looking in the window of a blind man getting dressed clothed?  That is up to the blind man to decide.

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