Channelling Andy Rooney: Why is that?

I’ve been channelling my inner Andy Rooney lately:

Did you ever notice….
Tensions routinely boil over after the killing of another unarmed black man. The situations are followed by , paramilitary organizations using military grade weapons to squash the conflict, nothing really changes, rinse and repeat. At other times something snaps in people and they use military grade weapons to kill a bunch of people for no apparent reason. These situations are followed by thoughts and prayers, nothing really changes, rinse and repeat.

A professor of mine, Tony Frontier, used to say “Things are the way they are because they got that way.” I don’t know where Dr. Frontier got that from, and i certainly don’t know how these situations got that way, but it seems to apply here.

Both situations involve military grade weapons and both have the same results: nothing changes, rinse and repeat. Why is that?

I don’t know but it seems like an important question.

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