Become a part of the MoMS Community Association

The Mainstreaming on Main Street™ (MoMS) Community Association is intended to be an opportunity for persons with disabling conditions to engage with others for the purpose of personal and professional development. If you see yourself in the statements below or are supportive of the aspirations of people with disabling conditions please use the contact information at the bottom of this post to get connected to the MoMS Community Association.


I believe:

  • We all have unique skills and abilities.
  • We are most creative and productive when we are engaged in the things we are passionate about.
  • We want to be engaged in productive activities, even if they do not include financial reward.
  • As people with disabling conditions we would rather: be interdependent than dependant, do with others than have done for us, find justice rather than receive charity.



  • Connect with each other as whole people who happen to have disabling conditions as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Identify the talents and experiences we have accumulated in our lives.
  • Gather (physically, electronically, by telephone, etc) to explore how we can use our talents and experiences to advance our personal and professional goals.



  • We will learn from each other.
  • We will engage in trade with each other for our mutual benefit and in advancement of our personal and professional goals.
  • When appropriate, we will work collaboratively to achieve personal and professional goals we might not achieve independently.
  • Our collaborative efforts may take the form of time exchange, financial transactions between individuals, or the formation of business entities.
  • We will regularly; sing, say, sign, tap, type, or simply hold in our hearts the following: “I am not looking for no champion of my freedom. I am anything but anybody’s foundling.” (Dave Carter).


If you are a person with a disabling condition and you see yourself in the statements above please contact me to discuss how we can connect and collaborate.


If you lack a disabling condition but want to be supportive of people who identify with the statements above I’d love to hear from you. There is always opportunity to participate in bridging the gap between; dependence and interdependence, doing for and doing with, charity and justice.


Dan Lococo

Barrier Knocker Downer




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