Go local, go to Bob

I was pretty sure we were going to have to replace either our washer or dryer until I called Bob at Bob’s Maytag Central Service Co. When I looked at the listings, I chose Bob’s because it was close to the house and I figured I’d save some money on the trip charges to have a repair person out to look at our washer and/or dryer. When I called Bob’s I got an old fashioned answering machine with a homespun message letting me know no one was available but they would get back to me as soon as they could. It turns out Bob’s is a Mom & Pop operation.


When Bob called back I learned he is a semi-retired guy who cautioned me he doesn’t have all of the latest parts for the newer machines. Instead of just getting my address and telling me how much it would cost to look at my machine, Bob walked me through some things I could check before having someone out to the house. It turned out Bob’s suggestions identified the problem and I can get it working without spending any money at all.


I’m not going to lose Bob’s number. I figure a guy who first checks to see that I’ve done everything I can do to fix the problem myself has got my best interest in mind. I also realized that Bob is working on the assumption that I would fix the problem myself if I could. Wow: a business man who assumes his customers are intelligent and wants to make sure the customer’s needs are taken care of – even if he doesn’t make money on the transaction. This could revolutionize the field of marketing and customer service!


Next time you have a problem with a washer or dryer give Bob a call. I know I will.


Bob’s Maytag Central Service Co

1400 N 118th St,, Milwaukee,, WI, 53226,

Phone: (414) 771-7084

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