Watching out for the letter carrier

The frigid Artic blast of air this past week and periodic snowfall has turned our driveway and sidewalk into a sheet of ice.  As I took my dog out this morning I realized I know I can’t clear all of the ice from my drive and walks but I want to make sure the letter carrier can safely get to our mailbox.  I thought this with the knowledge the need for daily postal delivery has long past.

It’s a pretty rare occasion we receive first class mail any more.  The majority of mail is third class advertising that goes directly into the recycling bin.  If we received mail delivery three times a week we probably wouldn’t miss any important mail and it would save a whole lot of money.  The political agendas that obscure this reality are outside of the scope of this post and I’ll leave them for another time.

What struck me as I walked up the driveway this morning was the fact that we seem to have lost the letter carrier in the circular rhetoric that masquerades as a conversation about the need for daily postal delivery.  Regardless of how the U.S. Postal Service becomes a part of our future (or past) the letter carrier fills a noble role that deserves a safe passage to my door and into the future.

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