Stepping back or plunging into the abyss

This week I started the last full semester of my regular classes in the Doctoral program at Cardinal Stritch University.  The weekend included classes on Friday night from 4:00 – 8:00 PM, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  I ended the weekend by going downhill skiing at Sunburst ski area.  Flying down a ski hill with nothing but my wits and the voice of my ski guide to keep me from crashing seemed a fitting end to the weekend.

As I look out on this year I am intimidated by the challenge of bringing my studies to completion and finishing my Doctoral dissertation.  At the same time I know it is a time to dream and visualize how I will move forward in the world after I complete my studies.  This too can be seen as an intimidating challenge or a fantastic opportunity.

This whole inner dialogue was summarized by a conversation I had on the top of the ski hill last night.  A partially sighted skier was telling me he would how scary he found it was to drive a stock car while blindfolded. He told me he would never do that again.  Personally, I find driving stock cards while blindfolded an exciting challenge that I welcome into my life.  It occurs to me this morning that the challenges of completing my doctorate are really no greater than getting up the nerve to fly down a ski hill or drive a car without being able to see.  I am sure I will find the sense of accomplishment equally exhilarating.

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