A great holiday deal

today is Christmas.  As a person who practices the Christian faith this is a special time to celebrate and reflect. 

One of the things I like most of days like Christmas is how they are a mix of ritual, expectation and unstructured time.  We went to church last night and will spend time with family today.  Right now however is that unstructured time that is open for interpretation.  Being the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ puts some significant pressure on how this free time is spent.  I am looking forward to spending some time in prayer, some time visiting with loved ones and some time reflecting on the many gifts I have in my life.

At the same time I realize Christmas doesnt have the same clout it once did.  In part this is because the religious aspects of Christmas have diminished and been replaced by commercialism (although not so much this year).  We also are more open to acknowledging spiritual diversity of those around us.  As I take the time to celebrate and reflect today, I wonder how persons of other faith traditions will spend this holiday.  If the commitments of faith and family tradition were not present in my life, today would be a free day to pause and reflect and regroup Im left to wonder how I could take advantage of this opportunity I could easily learn about the traditions of others and take some time out on their sacred days.  This would give me a chance to celebrate the gifts of my life without the hassle that sometimes comes with the holidays.  What a deal.

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