Pride Fest Milwaukee: A chance to be with people who might not be like you and don’t even want to be

The first festival of Milwaukee’s busy festival season (Summer) celebrates the LGBT  people we all share space with every day.  The festival is similar the many ethnic festivals that take place at the Henry W. Maier Festival Grounds each year.  There is, however, a major difference between Pride Fest and the other festivals.

Unlike so many of the festivals held each Summer, including Labor Fest, Pride Fest is focused on the celebration of people as they are and who they are right now.  Gay people come from every race, religious tradition, and national origin but that is not the point of Pride Fest.  Instead, Pride Fest is a celebration of people, families, and relationships.  Rather than focusing primarily on days gone by Pride Fest has a clear focus on the present and the future.  Fortunately there is great hope for the continued recognition of civil rights of LGBT people.

It could be argued that every day is Straight Fest but only one weekend a year celebrates gay pride.  The fact is it is a rare occasion when any of us gather to simply celebrate who we are, where we are,  and who we love.  Pride Fest seems to accomplish this almost impossible feat and that’s a very good thing.

To go to the Pride Fest web page click here.

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